Journey to Morocco

Our musical tour of Morroco with the Yuval Ron Ensemble

A day to day look at our Morocco tour

andy | June 11, 2009

Hi all,
I made it home safely, and have mostly recovered from our fast-paced, feature-packed, sleep-depriving tour of Morocco. It’s great to be back home, where I can now share some of the amazing stories, videos, and pictures with my family and friends.
Here are links to each individual daily diary of my Morocco tour blog:
Day 1: [...]

Day 11: More shopping in Fes, staying up all night, and flying home early in the morning

andy | June 11, 2009

Hi all. On day 11 of our tour of Morocco, many of the tour members had left us, but some of us stayed for one additional day. I spent the day shopping in Fes some more, once again with only a small group, and no guide. I managed to purchase a few more items (though [...]

Day 10: Shopping in Fes, and the End-of-Tour Party

andy | June 9, 2009

On day 10 of our tour to Morocco, we were touring Fes in smaller groups. My group started the day touring a ceramics factory. We got to see the entire process, from the manufacturing of the clay, the spinning of plates and bowls on foot-powered pottery-wheels, the cutting of stones for mosaics, the detailed hand-painting [...]

Day 9: Touring Fes, and the Yuval Ron Ensemble Performance

andy | June 5, 2009

Day nine had finally arrived. The big day where we would get to see the Yuval Ron Ensemble perform at the Sacred Music Festival. We started the day, as usual with breakfast at the hotel. Then we boarded our buses and headed to the medina in Fes (the old portion of the city). The first [...]

Day 8: On to Fes

andy | June 4, 2009

More pictures of day 8 coming soon!
Day eight of our tour of Morocco was our long drive day, traveling from Marrakesh to Fes. We took the highway instead of the scenic route that was initially planned, so that we could arrive with enough time to make it to the evening performance at the Sacred Music [...]

Day 7: Touring Marrakesh, and the Night of the Ten Thousand Candles

andy | June 1, 2009

Hello everybody. Here’s what happened on our tour through Morocco on day 7.
We met for breakfast in the hotel (as usual), and Hamid and Yuval led a discussion about the concert they were going to play that evening, including how it came about, where it was being held, who our hosts were, and who would [...]

Day 6: Riding on the Marrakesh Express

andy | June 1, 2009

Hi all. Day six already? This tour is going by so fast. There is almost no down-time (and almost no sleep time), unless you count the many hours we spend in the bus. But, even in the bus, with all the conversations, the tour-guide presentations by Hamid, Yuval, Jawad and others, the drumming and singing, [...]